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At myservy we are determined to support you to increase your income and a determining factor is the payment options that you offer to your clients. It is important that you have different payment methods and forms configured in your account, so that your customers can pay you for the option they prefer. Get paid and increase your income with myservy through these simple steps:

1. Login to myservy

To start selling your services on the Internet with myservy, you just have to log into your account through the following link. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do it for free now.Login nowSign up free

2. Configure your payment methods and increase your income with myservy

In the account settings you can find the section to configure the methods to charge for your services. It is very important that you have several methods configured and active in myservy, so that you can streamline cash flow and do not lose any sales.


3. Define how you want to charge your services

You can configure your services to offer different forms of payment, this will help improve the experience of your clients in the payment process for the contracted services. Sign in Menu ┬╗Catalog and select the service you want to configure, it's that easy.


4. Don't lose sight of money

myservy will keep you informed of all the charges generated and notified through the application. The reports are very important, because through them you can control income and accounts receivable.


5. More and better payment methods

We have different methods for your clients to pay you as they prefer. Currently, you can make payments by notification of deposit or transfer, TDC or international debit in more than 80 countries and soon we will continue adding more options such as cryptocurrencies and wallets. We invite you to stay informed of myservy news so that you are updated with the new tools and functionalities that we are constantly releasing for you.


You more than anyone know your business and we want to help you grow with myservy. Our team of experts is at your disposal to support you in everything you need. Contact us by WhatsApp, Chatbot or Mail