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Traditionally, selling professional services is subject to face-to-face evaluations or client meetings.

This process could be very cumbersome for potential clients, who are looking for a specific solution adapted to their budget. And also for business, preventing their growth.

The Internet offers almost endless possibilities for business scalability, There are different tools and dedicated solutions, one of the most effective is the use of E-commerce under the concept of online service delivery. Learn to develop your business.

develop your business

Internet users are more familiar with the concept of e-commerce applied to physical stores that offer tangible products.

But E-commerce offers multiple facilities, one of them is giving it a refocusing so that those businesses that offer services do so now from the Internet.

But how can you do it?

As the owner of your law firm, accounting firm, engineering consultancy, marketing agency, design or any other business, you know how to offer your services in person. First, you hold meetings to evaluate the needs of your clients, then you generate a budget, carry out the rigorous negotiations and finally, you deliver your services.

But now, with the new reality, that same process would have to be transformed and brought online. You can develop your business.

To do it successfully, you will need to perform the following steps:

1- Package your services

The potential clients you will have online are looking for solutions adapted to their specific needs. They are not looking for a budget, but a single price that gives you the greatest possible satisfaction.

Your first step would be to transform the services you offer into packages that are accessible but also profitable for you and to be able to develop your business, that serve as an input to achieve an initial sale with a client and then negotiate more services with him.

You will be able to create the packages that you consider, including their variations that go from the standard services to the premium ones. The important thing is that each one contributes the necessary value but also encourages the user to acquire others to complement their requirements.

These packages can be priced in installments or one-time payment. That will suit your business considerations.

2- Create service delivery plans

Service packages is a commercial offer option, but there are also plans.

The difference between packages and plans is that the first is a more reduced offer, while the second will allow you to expand your services a little more but with punctual monthly deliveries.

The plans that you create can contain a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual price strategy and you can structure them so that each client obtains the necessary specific benefits as well as the motivation to buy a superior one.

3- Additional pricing strategy

In the process of creating packages or plans you will realize that for some services you will need specific prices. This customization can also be offered through the creation of an additional pricing strategy (addons).

These additional prices can be discussed further with those clients who are more open to a negotiation process, for example, a medium or large company or those that, obligatorily, require a tender.

Your main objective with an e-commerce of services is that they buy your plans or packages on the Internet, but it never hurts to offer different alternatives for potential clients who require specific services and delivery.

4- Attraction and deterrence strategies

The Internet is the land of many, and to make yourself known you need constant promotion, be it paid, free or earned.

You can create paid campaigns on social networks or search engines, also create content on your website and work on organic positioning or dissuade other websites or media to write about your business and services.

To drive users with potential interest to become new customers, you can offer discounts, promotions, free trials for a specified time, or any other tactic that fits your business goals.

The next thing would be to have a ready E-commerce platform that offers you what you need to boost your business on the Internet.

Do it with myservy

By registering a user in myservy, you will have access to a service center where you can create an online catalog with the specific information of each plan, package or individual service.

Your potential customers will be able to buy any through a direct link that you will generate and share on your website, instant messaging applications, email or any other channel.

When you acquire a new client, you will be able to communicate directly with him through the messaging integrated into myservy, a communication that can be constant and without interruption.

To receive payments, you will only have to configure the methods that you accept, either credit cards, deposit or transfer to bank account, Paypal and others.

And the delivery of your services will be done through the same platform, online, at all times and regardless of where you or your clients are.

Are you ready to develop your business?