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The E-commerce of services goes hand in hand with the digital transformation of businesses in the world. The consensus of technology consultancies indicates that the adoption of digital tools in business has accelerated to the point that many technologies have reached their 5-year goals in the last 6 months.

The capital market has been sustained by the performance of the largest technology companies (Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.) and the great competition for customer service is fought in advertising services such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. 

The client has been digitized and this trend will continue to accelerate next year. For all this, it is essential that companies digitize their businesses in order to reach these increasingly technological markets and customers.

From eCommerce of products to eCommerce of services

When it comes to eCommerce, we all think of Amazon. Truly a pioneer in digital marketing and a great benchmark for online sales.

Practically in Amazon you can get any physical item, buy it and wait in the comfort of our homes for it to arrive. Starting from Amazon and the development of its business model, the boom in online physical product stores grew exponentially and has influenced the way this generation buys.

We have all bought items on platforms such as Amazon, Mercado Libre and more recently Rappi, But where can we buy online services? 

Service companies have a blue ocean of possibilities ahead of them, as unlike physical and digital download products, the service sector is still in the process of digitization.

Why a service eCommerce?

If today you have a service company and you have not contemplated entering the digital world through the development of an eCommerce, you are losing the opportunity to reach new customers and markets.  Digitizing your services allows you to capitalize on competitive advantages and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

By placing your services digitally you can reach more potential customers, effectively meeting their requirements and without the need to have face-to-face meetings, in many cases all the input and deliverables are digital and the most important thing is that you multiply your customer service capacity, which will increase your billed income. 

Enter the digital age from the hand of a specialized platform In the marketing of services online, you do not need technical knowledge, from the first day you can promote and interact with your customers on the Internet. It has never been easier and more accessible to have your own eCommerce services. Some benefits are:

1.- Reduce costs. Opening a virtual store is logically cheaper, since it allows companies to grow with fewer resources by avoiding paying rent for the premises, services, salaries, etc. It is also cheaper because by advertising their products online, they are advertising on the Internet, which is a cheaper means of promotion than advertising which is used in traditional media.

2.- Generates loyalty with customers. There are not many companies that offer a good e-shopping experience, and there are still thousands that do not have an online presence. This is an opportunity to ensure that your customers enjoy that experience, mainly by offering them a wide range of products, good prices and ease of use of the platforms, as well as various payment options.

3.- Attention and Guarantee of Total Satisfaction. E-commerce sites know the importance of customer service and they know that in most cases it is not until you see or touch a product that the final purchase decision is made, which is why they have a chat to advise you during the choice of product, as well as a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, in which customers have 30 days after the product arrives to return it and request a refund of their money if the items did not meet their expectations. If a customer is satisfied with their purchase experience of a product, they will surely return to the site and make their recommendation through word of mouth.

Myservy is your comprehensive solution in the cloud to digitize your service business.

Become part of the technological evolution and you will be a pioneer in your sector.