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Starting your own business or simply taking it online can seem exhausting and daunting. That is why at myservy we have decided to support you to be successful.

Offer services online

Recent research by myservy showed that 95,45% of the people interviewed would like to start their own online business by offering their professional services on the Internet. Which represents a great interest in people to be able to market online services through different online channels such as social networks, WhatsApp, web pages and others.

To delve deeper into the research, participants were asked What was the main reason that motivated you to offer your services on the Internet?, responding according to the following distribution:

myservy 2021. Research on trends in online services businesses.

The results in the investigation of myservy evidences a greater interest in people to offer their professional services on the Internet to generate more income, but there was also an important tendency to have greater flexibility, free time and work independence.

Despite the interests that motivate people to venture into digital transformation, there are still some factors to consider, especially in independent professionals, small and medium businesses. In relation to this, our audience was asked What could be the main reason that prevented people from starting their own Internet business? who responded according to the following distribution.

myservy 2021. Research on trends in online services businesses.

In the results of myservy's research, it is observed that the lack of knowledge of technology is the biggest obstacle that people face to offer online services.

It was also determined that the lack of budget to make a significant investment of money is considered another of the difficulties in the process of digital transformation. Now, these two factors could be directly influencing the lack of motivation, as can be seen in the graph above.

But these results only show that there are currently fewer obstacles to overcome and more interest in marketing professional services on the Internet, where people are more motivated by the desire to undertake, learn, increase income, have more flexibility and free time.

Recently, María Luisa Boyce, vice president of global public affairs for the US multinational courier UPS, He highlighted during the forum on Sustainable Reconstruction: infrastructure, trade and post-pandemic employment, held in Colombia in March 2021, that “This year we saw exponential changes, I think one of the largest, and we see how in Central America the purchase through trade electronic grew by 300 % and in general in Latin America there is a greater use of credit cards for online purchases ”. This reinforces the conclusions of our research and guarantees the success of commercializing professional services over the Internet.

Finally, it must be considered that the Ecommerces that exist in the market are made to market products or tangibles. myservy is the only platform E-commerce of services with the necessary tools to sell, deliver and collect professional services through the Internet in the easiest way. Our platform has the ability to quickly overcome the obstacles manifested in our recent research and thus increase the opportunities to generate more income, have flexible hours, more free time and be independent.

At myservy we want to support you to venture into the Internet through the digital transformation of your professional services and take your business to another level. To do this, we present these seven simple steps where we reduced the technicality and simplified many technological aspects so that you can conquer the digital world with us.

Take your business online with myservy by following these seven easy steps:

1. Define what your business will be: Defining the scope of your business will help you develop the idea you want to market. It is important that you can describe the most relevant aspects through clear and simple words, with the intention of conveying an explicit idea of your company and the services you want to offer.

To do this, show your brand as responsible, innovative, professional, committed and with a clear vision that allows you to capture the essence, experience and benefits you offer. This is a good way to describe your business as you want your customers to see you, think of it as your business card.

2. Choose a name: As a proud parent, give your business an important name. We recommend that it be a short one, no longer than two words, unique in the market, memorable, that transmits emotions and is easy to remember. This will be your brand to compete in the market, especially if your services are in high demand. On the Internet there are some free pages that can help you generate a set of ideas for the name of your business and the rest will depend on you.

3. Create a logo that represents your brand: The logo will be your corporate image, the graphic element that will allow your clients to relate to your services. Do you remember the phrase “the first impression is what counts”? Well, this applies to the image of your business. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a simple, fresh, attractive, seductive, dynamic, versatile, easy to remember and above all original, because with it, you will have the opportunity to connect people with your brand.

4. Develop the services you are going to offer: Right now, the idea is to think about deepening the concepts you want to market. We recommend that you create a list of the services you want to offer and select only those that you think will generate the best impact, higher income, low cost, and are quick and easy to implement. This will allow you to start your business on the Internet much faster and thus obtain greater results in the short term.

After having clarity about the services you want to market online, it is important to conceptualize them and create a brief description of each of them from a very commercial perspective, using strategic words that help you convey interest, clarity and benefits.

5. Define your target: It is very important to establish what your market will be. Also known as target or target market, it will be the group of people identified as possible consumers of your services and these can be differentiated through some factors such as lifestyle, geographic space, behavior, ages and others. Defining and delimiting your market will allow you to direct your efforts and resources only to those people with a high potential to consume your services. In order to define your market, we recommend that you consider the following aspects:

5.1. Geographical space: You must be able to identify what will be the capacity of your business to deliver its services. That is, the scope of delivery of your services, considering your location and that of your potential customers.

5.2. Age range: represents the age range of potential prospects who would hire your services.

5.3. Socioeconomic level: It will allow you to identify what the purchasing power of your prospects could be.

5.4. Scope of your services: Basically, it is to define the needs that you could satisfy with your services and which people might be interested in your solutions.

6. Define your organizational structure: With the above aspects clear, it is time to think about how many people will accompany or need you in your venture. The important thing here is, try not to become the person who does everything, unless your business allows it and you have the ability to do it within good practice. Otherwise, it is important to establish responsibilities and define functions with your work team.

7. Register with myservy: Our solution is free and has very simple tools to help you sell, receive payments and deliver your services on a single platform. We also offer premium plans for people who want to take their business to another level. If you have not yet created an account on myservy, you can do it quickly "Here". In the myservy service center you will find our easy-to-use tools, with which you do not need advanced knowledge in technology. Here is a brief description:

7.1.  Personalized Online Services Catalog: You will be able to generate a beautiful catalog of services on the Internet, suitable for your business and promote it through the channel you want.

7.2.  Buy button: transform your current website, blog or any other into an Ecommerce, adding direct purchase buttons that will be integrated with your myservy Service Center.

7.3.  Sale by chat: send links with integrated information (Snippets) of your services and give your customers the option of direct purchase from any messaging applications.

7.4.  Sales through social networks: use your social networks to generate sales integrated to your profiles, publications and stories. Use myservy's Smart Links to direct them to purchase your services.

7.5. Integrated Marketing: promote your services and drive sales growth to your customers with the marketing options integrated into your online Service Center.

7.6. Payment methods: offer your clients multiple options to pay for your services.

7.7.  Payment Methods: adapt the way your clients pay for each of your services to your business model.

7.8. Payment gateway: integrates a payment gateway specially designed for the purchase of services.

7.9.  Online service management: use our online service platform, where you can deliver services with the collaboration of your company staff and with a unified experience for your customers.

7.10. Multichannel communication: serve your customers and build communication through the channels of their choice, in an efficient way to eliminate or reduce disorganized emails.

7.11. Services Agenda: Take control of the planning of videoconferences, calls and face-to-face sessions agreed with your clients.

7.12. Service Collaborators: Give access to your company's employees, assign them responsibilities over clients and provide them with the tools for the delivery of services.

7.13. Customer satisfaction: measure the satisfaction of your customers to obtain key data that will help you improve your services and generate memorable experiences.

7.14. Analytics panel: Control the relevant data of the digital service business with graphs and tables that will allow you to have a clear vision at all times.

We know that leaving your comfort zone is not easy and although the challenge seems impossible, trust your capabilities and myservy as your ideal ally for the digital development of any type of service-based business. Together we can break down the technological and economic barriers that prevent you from taking your business online, generating more income, having greater flexibility, free time and work independence.

Finally, we recommend that you do not hesitate! Take your business to the Internet with myservy and offer your professional services online. The future of service businesses is now yours, we will accompany you from the beginning of the implementation and we will support you throughout the process. We are the only platform specialized in ecommerce services.