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When you develop an Internet-based business, your most important value, in addition to your capital, is the data that you can collect from users and potential customers.

Collecting data will give you a clearer perspective on the user behavior flow when they browse your business website.

What they look for, how they look for it and how much time they invest in it, yields relevant information that could help you to optimize certain content or commercial offer, all with the aim of achieving a desired conversion.

Collecting data is not only based on those better known as personal data, there are also other relevant ones whose collection originates through different tools that are responsible for tracking everything that users do on a certain website.

4 reasons to collect data from your consumers e-commerce

Many benefits are associated with the collection of information from consumers, and in general, it is important to have a clear idea of what they are looking for, since this way you will be able to satisfy them and in return generate more income for your e-commerce.

Other reasons include:

Know where you are failing

By collecting data on consumers, you will be able to know what services they need, which ones they like, why they leave your e-commerce without buying any services and the seasons in which you will see more customers in the year.

Based on this information, you can plan marketing campaigns aimed at a specific audience, such as; send gifts for their birthdays, discounts on special days or alerts about services that might interest them. 

Create a personalized experience

It is estimated that 72% of consumers only interact with personalized messages, according to SmarterHQ. To add a personal touch, we must take into account what services they buy frequently and why. In addition, consumers want to receive personalized discounts or messages with suggestions that are assimilated to what they like.

Generate greater satisfaction to your customers

It was found that 68% of visitors to your website tend to abandon your website without first buying from your services as they did not like the customer service. Using channels such as live chats, emails or live calls, you can know where your business failed, and attack the problem quickly. 

Retain your customers on your website

By collecting data about your customers, you will be able to understand their spending patterns and their behavior while using your website. With this information you can show the services according to what they usually spend, a very effective way to retain your customers.