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myservy adapts to you and the service you offer.

No matter what service you offer or where you are, with myservy you can easily sell, charge and deliver your services.


Myservy helps you in the digital transformation of your legal firm. Get a presence on the Internet, share your Service Catalog through different channels and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers with Online Service Management, even when your consultancies are not in person.


With myservy you can offer your accounting, tax and financial services on the Internet, position yourself in the online market, increase your portfolio and improve your customer satisfaction.


Reach more people with a strong Internet presence, manage your projects, schedule meetings, share documents and manage communications with your clients through the only ecommerce platform specialized in services.


Show off your professional designs online with the Online Services Catalog and help more customers buy your services easily with the Direct Purchase Button, which you can add to your website, blog, social networks or emails.

Digital marketing

Increase the reach of your professional internet digital marketing services with myservy tools. Easily build an online catalog, share the link by WhatsApp, Email and social networks; personalize your image, stand out from the competition and sell more, all from a single platform.


Highlight your professional advisory services with the myservy Online Service Center and communicate with your clients in a multichannel way so that your attention is an unforgettable experience.


Easily create your virtual office with a presence on the Internet and social networks, offer your professional engineering or consulting services remotely and deliver personalized attention to all your clients.


Take your fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and lifestyle business to the Internet the easy way. Manage your schedule online, send automatic reminders, communicate with your customers through different channels and offer a memorable service with myservy.


Surprise and attract more customers with the beautiful myservy Online Services Catalog, which you can share through your website, blog, WhatsApp, social networks and emails.


With myservy, in addition to offering your professional coaching services on the Internet and social networks, you will be able to manage appointments, manage your online schedule, maintain multi-channel communications, manage collections and much more, all from a single platform.


With myservy you will have your medical, dental, laboratory or therapy office on the Internet, where you can promote your services online, manage online appointments, organize your patients' documents, receive commission-free payments and give your clients a memorable experience.


Offer your professional services remotely. Our platform adapts to the needs of a wide number of service business models and myservy's functionalities will help you in the digital transformation you need.

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